Stayfit Fitness Academy is an academy for personal trainers, instructors, gym managers, fitness enthusiasts and business owners which provides education and certifies fitness professionals to excel in their careers. We believe in exciting our customers through truly innovative equipment, unsurpassed quality and best-in-class customer service. We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our customers.
A client centered approach
Health and fitness is an integral part of our lives, and the need for qualified personnel is tremendous. The challenge is to convey scientific knowledge to on-ground practical training. STAYFIT, has been doing just that since 1996, and in the process has gained a reputation for excellence in developing and delivering quality fitness equipment.
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Move your career further and save.
Move your career further as an STAYFIT Certified Professional. Holding Stayfit Certification will allow you to take your health and fitness career to the next level by allowing you to reach a wider, more diverse set of clients.
Career options in the fitness industry for diploma graduates.
  • Internal recruitment at Stayfit world
  • High end gyms, spa and sports academy
  • International schools and model management agencies
  • Personal/Lifestyle trainers
Future growth at Stayfit in 1000 locations across India.
  • Train the trainer programs across all locations
  • Stayfit academy yearly symposium
  • Online training programs
  • 1 day/2 days certification workshops on various training topics.
Become a STAYFIT certified professional.
An essential course with all the foundations laid to start your fitness career. Will cover all the basic aspects of fitness from (soft skills) communication , client engagement to program designing.

Currently offering
Profession Fitness Trainer Certification STAYFIT
The most popular comprehensive and robust program we offer.
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition basics
  • Cardio, Weight training and Stretching
  • Injury prevention and Special Population.
  • Communication, Evaluation and Group Training.
  • Online training programs.
  • Comprehensive access to personalized assistance from Stayfit Study Coaches.
TIMING > 3 Hours/day & 2 Days/week
DURATION > 3 Months

Further certifications will be rolled out soon to give speciality training in specific branches of wellness like
Group Dance Fitness
Strength and Conditioning
Personal Training
Admission cell, Stayfit Fitness Academy
Bangalore – 560 041
Phone: +91-8722072000, +91-8722073000